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A way to reuse hotel soaps and create solid air fresheners.

Circular B2B Keyboard

Innovating keyboards for efficient B-2-B maintenance at scale to extend product lifecycle in use within a circular business model.

Vitality Country Kitchen

Wholefood, organic country catering to rise the health levels in local schools, care homes and of the land.

A Grocery Shopping Game

In this case study we propose a hypothetical solution targeting reuse of your grocery bag multiple times driving behavior change for mindful usage.


In the "NWC" competition, we transformed an abandoned steel factory in Hefei, Anhui Province, China with waste, and proposed innovation.

My shoe again

A new life to the residue of the footwear industry and the used shoe.


Make the invisible visible to reduce water waste.

Re-Print Vancouver

Re-Print Vancouver is an FDM 3D printing waste collection system that diverts scraps from the landfill into recycled filament.