Modular open-source waste management kit for small spaces, with the aim of connecting the citizen closer to nature.

Xaria Ventures

Providing Low-Cost, Clean, and Safe Energy for Low Income Households.


Freskos is a sustainably built, modular piece of furniture that helps eating healthy while being mindful of waste.

Ve chai

We created a range of public street furniture made from recycled plastic to reduce waste while raising awareness.

Project Circleg

Modular lower-limb prosthetics made of recycled plastics


A long lasting, durable, and insulated composite textile intended for use in temporary shelters that is made from recycled billboard vinyl and fabric.

Waste management through radio

Mitigating climate change by educating communities in informal settlements about organic waste management strategies through a radio campaign.

To demonstrate the harmful effect of agriwaste disposal


'Fighting global climate warming challenges through the extraction of the planets resources'.

Broilers- affordable proteins

Educate communities on affordable chicken protein through rearing broilers, creating awareness on broiler meat safety and increasing market.


We are harnessing insects to turn organic waste into animal feed, while keeping famers at the heart of it.

inua sliced food

We ensure maximum profitability among poor small scale farmers in Kenya through ensuring zero waste and total sale of all farmers produce.